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My blood pressure has dropped into the normal range, instead of being high, as before I drank Summer Water. Changing my diet, combined with Summer Water has made the difference.

Before Summer Water, when I would change my diet and reduce my sodium, I would see a difference but I see even more of a difference when I take Summer Water.

Rahnie G.


Before eating a full meal, if I drink a serving of Summer Water, my blood sugar rises marginally. I saw smaller spikes in my blood sugar compared to if I did not. Summer Water helps to balance my blood sugar. This is a benefit I saw immediately.

If you drink Summer Water before going to bed, you should see lower waking blood sugar in the morning. I noticed that I would feel sick around lunch time, everyday. I didn’t understand what was happening. I had changed my lunch habits and started eating salads. I had done this before, when I wasn’t taking Summer Water.

After analyzing the situation, I realized that I was experiencing lower than usual blood sugar. I realized that by changing my eating habits, drinking Summer Water and taking my meds, my blood sugar was dipping.

I remembered that Summer Water was helping to balance my blood sugar and that I wasn’t seeing the spikes I was seeing before. It then dawned on me that if I stopped taking the meds or the Summer Water, I wouldn’t feel the drop.

I thought about it and compared the two and for me, there were more benefits in drinking Summer Water than there was in taking the meds. So I stopped taking my meds. With this said, you should consult a medical professional before going off your meds.

After months of not taking my meds and checking my blood sugar daily, I feel comfortable not taking it. By checking my blood sugar, I am able to see in real time that my blood sugar is not spiking and maintains a balance.

Marvin S.


My energy is much higher than before and I am more productive. While I can’t claim that Summer Water will make you a productive person, I can say that no matter what it is that you want to do, if you don’t usually have the energy, Summer Water can help to address your energy.

It gives you that extra pep. It is an excellent alternative to many of the energy drinks on the market today.

I also use it when I wake up in the morning. Before Summer Water, I had to drag myself out of bed, now, I hop right up and keep going. And I check my blood sugar, to make sure it’s below 110 points. For a diabetic not taking meds, that is excellent.

Bruce S.


I began to notice after a few months that my clothes were getting bigger or that I was getting smaller. I began to realize that I was losing weight.

Then I thought about it; I am eating less, my blood sugar is balanced, I cut out late night eating, I switched burgers and fries for salads at lunch and I was more active due to increased energy.

The accumulative of all these things, plus the fact that each ingredient in Summer Water promotes weight loss, all led to me losing weight.

What’s great about it is that it’s a natural progressive weight loss, instead of a crash diet that will only lead to weight gain. The natural and progressive way, allows for your body to adjust and helps to keep the weight off.

SSG, Kelvin M.


The Summer Water Switchel Beverage contains organic ingredients and contributes to a healthy immune system, balanced blood sugar, weight loss, and digestion.

Summer Water is the apple cider vinegar beverage with a health and wellness foundation crafted by SeaBrooks Family Naturals, North Carolina State University, and Clemson University.


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